Smartkey Vice for Keywatcher and Tamper-Proof Key Rings

Keywatch Systems QLD offers strong and durable tamper-proof key rings that ensure your keys are secure. Morse Watchman Tamper proof keyrings go hand in hand with key management and the Keywatcher Illuminated and Keywatcher Touch Key Management systems.

This is an essential tool for attaching Key Watcher SK-30 shackles, cutting key ring hubs, and correct tensioning for joining the tamper-proof key rings. They incorporate an easy to use, tamper-proof locking mechanism and a unique identification system, while also allowing you to add or remove keys without destroying the expensive ring in the process.

Smartkey Vices close both solid and flexible rings with a smooth seal. The tamper-proof key rings Keywatch Systems QLD sell are great for hanging keys, workshop tools, medical equipment, and many other items that require close monitoring. The keys are bound together by solid stainless steel rings that are 3mm in diameter with interlocking ends provide maximum security.

You can close one end inside the other and use the sealing tool to secure the connection. Your keys cannot be removed unless the ring is cut with a bolt cutter or cutting tool. The patented seal allows for the use of the entire ring, so keys will not bump against a raised area when flipping through and become loose.



  • Holds the SK-30 Tags firmly whilst cutting old shackle off.
  • Clears the original shackle hole of the residual shackle for replacement shackle.
  • Holds the SK-30 tag inline with a notch in the lever handle to steady the new shackle whilst being levered into the tag.
  • Cuts the old tamper-proof hub cleanly away from the key ring to enable a new hub to be fitted when adding or removing keys.
  • Holds tamper-proof key rings by a notch in the vice and the lever handle (for each size key-ring) to prevent slipping during closing and locking the new hub.
  • Special jig to spread rings (particularly the kr15-15 rings) prior to attaching new hub.
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