Applications for the SL-200

  • Spare key for boats, caravans, cars
  • Spare Key for emergency lockouts
  • Contractor Spare Key Access
  • Spare Keys for Children and Family





SHURLOCK SL200 Padlock style Portable Keysafe

The Shurlok SL200 Dual Combination Secure Key Container features two unique codes. One to unlock the shackle for attaching or removing the key container and another code for opening the hidden side compartment to access your keys. It holds 4-6 conventional size keys has a hardened steel shackle and an all metal rust resistant body. Secure 4-Wheel combination lock provides 10,000 possible codes and is designed to zero lock meaning you can open the shurlock secure key container in the dark simply by counting the clicks. Easy access for after school kids, friends, family, house minders, trades and maintenance people. It is a must for emergency access to the elderly or for simply leaving your keys when you don’t want to carry keys. It can also be attached to cars, caravans, boats to hold spare keys or used as a padlock on sheds, toolboxes etc. Versatile, reliable and economical. Comes with 12 months warranty.

Attention – Storing of Vehicle Proximity Keys

If you intend using any of our key lock boxes for securing vehicle ‘proximity keys’ we strongly recommend you fully test the lockbox with the key locked inside to ensure it cannot transmit through the lock box metal housing. If keys can transmit we recommend wrapping proximity keys in heavy-duty aluminum foil for added protection. Always thoroughly test the vehicle is securely locked at all entry points before leaving it.

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Features of the SL-200

  • Portable Padlockd Style key lock box with 4-wheel combination
  • 10,000 possible combinations
  • 12 Months Warranty
  • Purchase Direct from Australian Distributor
  • The perfect solution for securing keys or remotes or cards for shared or emergency use
  • Solid alloy Weather Resistant  construction
  • Very Easy to Use very easy to change combinations
  • Suit holiday rentals and Air B&B members
  • Large Internal Storage Area fits Keys and Cards
  • Secure Key Access for Others
  • Padlock Mountable to fixed objects like water pipes, balustrades, etc.


Additional information

Additional information

Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 22 × 14 × 4 cm

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