Morse Watchman Tamper Proof Serialised Hubs

Secure and Cost Effective

Morse Tamper-proof hubs are designed specifically for the Morse Watchmans range of heavy-duty tamper-proof keys rings. They provide a 4-digit serial number for tracking and auditing and come in a range of 8 colours. Unlike any other tamper-proof key ring Morse keys ring hubs are replaceable, allowing security administrators them to cut from the tamper-proof key ring to facilitate key changes without damaging or replacing the original key ring.


Re-Usable Tamper-proof Key Rings – Make Sense!

The Tamper-proof key rings with the tamper-evident serialised coloured hubs allow you to add remove or replace keys at will without cutting the original ring! Put your keys on our Tamper Proof key rings today!

Morse Watchman Tamper Proof Keyrings and Serialised locking hubs are available in a wide range of sizes and colours.

Recommended tool for management of Key Rings and Hubs is our Smartkey Vice which offers 6-Tools in One for joining key rings with the correct pressure to close and lock ring, cutting hubs from locked key rings, adjusting the diameter of ring to enable fitting of new locking hub and other features specifically for management of our Keywatcher SK-30 SmartKey Tags


  • Coloured hubs identify key types, areas, buildings and key priorities
  • Serial numbered hubs provide for auditing of keys and prevent unauthorised substitution.
  • Used with Morse Watchman Tamperproof Keyrings available in 4 sizes.
4 Different Ring Sizes
8 Different Coloured Hubs
Heavy Duty
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