MiniK10 Digital Cam Locker Lock PIN/NFC

The world’s smallest and most eco-friendly digital cam lock, with a battery life of up to 10 years!

The MiniK10 Digital Keypad Locker Lock is perfect for use on lockers and cabinet for a wide range of applications.

Featuring a digital keypad with 10 digits PIN operation and NFC technology. It is suitable for new lock installations, using only two holes or retrofitting conventional key operated cam locks.

The MiniK10 features a one-time user operation or permanent user code, Master Program and Supervisor Override codes, NFC phone programming and opening with the free Hopinlock locker lock management app.


The Minik10 Digital Electronic locker lock with PIN operation features both Public and Private user modes. Public user mode is for a shared environment where any user can walk up to any vacant locker and enter any 4 digit PIN to lock the lock. When the user returns, the same 4 digit code unlocks the lock and the user can gain access to their belongings.

Once it is unlocked, the lock is then reset and remains in the unlocked position until the next user enters in their own unique 4 digit PIN and repeats. This is ideal for shared environments including hot locker systems. Private User mode is where the lock is allocated to an individual user for ongoing or private use.

In Private user mode, the user code is programmed into the lock for ongoing use and the lock will only respond to that code.

The Minik10 Digital Locker Lock features a 6 digit Master override code which is used to set the programming of the lock along with gain access in the event of an emergency. It also features a 5 digit Service code which is used purely to gain access to the lock in the event of a forgotten or lost PIN and cannot change the programming of the lock.

When it comes to programming the locks for use, there is a free management platform that allows the user to change the programming and settings of the minik10 lock using an android device with NFC technology. With the Hopinlock Management platform, administrators can easily change the settings of hundreds of locks in just minutes by simply tapping the device over the keypad of the lock.

The Hopinlock App, is available exclusively from KeyWatch Systems Qld, who will set up your Hopinlock Access Account and provide the download link.

The minik10 digital electronic locker locks suit all timber lockers, plastic lockers, and steel locker door. The 10 year battery life is proven, trialed and tested and offers a maintenance free solution. When you take into account the cost of the replacement batteries and labor to change them each year, the costs can quickly add up when you have a large number of locks!

Available in black or white and horizontal models to suit both left and right-handed doors. Surface or Semi-flush mounting options. Available with a variety of straight and offset cams to suit any type of installation.


  • Master program and override codes
  • Public share one-time use or permanent private use
  • User changeable code; no tools required
  • Programmable functions, such as disabling keypad beeps, etc.
  • Supervisor Code for management of digital electronic lockers without administrator rights
  • Quick and easy retrofit installation in minutes, replacing conventional key operated cam locks
  • Suits timber or steel doors
  • MiniK10 is unique from any other electronic lock using a 3V lithium battery with a life expectancy of up to 10 years
  • Can be surface-mounted or semi-flush mounted doubling as door pull handle
  • Features a 16mm diameter cylinder to retrofit the majority of key operated cam locks without any modification to door preparation
  • Alternative MiniK10m or MiniK10mc models offer RFID Mifare Card and PIN or Mifare Card only no Keypad technology
  • Available in Black or White, Vertical and LH or RH horizontal
  • Special discounts for Trade and OEM cabinet and locker makers, commercial fit outs, End of Trip


  • School Lockers
  • Gym Lockers
  • Swimming Pool Lockers
  • Staff Lockers
  • Hot Locker Systems
  • End of Trip

Programmable Functions

  • Hopinlock App Management
  • Mutable Keypad
  • Door open Warning
Dimensions34mm Wide x 85.5mm High x 58mm Deep
Weight70.4g (Excluding cam and mounting)


10 year life expectancy
3 levels of Management
Low Voltage Alarm
Public share one-time use or permanent private use
Master program and override codes
Emergency power input
Visual in-use indicator
Available in Black or White, Vertical and Left Hand or Right Hand horizontal
Hopinlock App Spec Sheet
Product Brochure
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