Master Override Key for Sx575 Padlock

SX575MK Padlock Master Override Key for overriding the user combination when it is forgotten or unknown. SX575MK enables administrators to discover the unknown code so the padlock can be continually used with the original code or reset with a new combination.


High Security Unique Key Series

The SX575 padlocks feature 4-wheel combination, 10,000 possible user codes and a hardened steel shackle. The Master Override Keys can unlock the padlock when the combination is unknown or forgotten and can also discover the unknown combination so that the padlock can be used ongoing with the original code or changed to a new code.

The perfect solution for school and gym lockers, employee lockers and mining lockers where the user has a personalised code and management or other administrators have to override access for security, safety or servicing lockers. Sold individually. Two SX575MK keys are supplied with the first 50 SX575 padlocks free of charge.