KSQ 7450 CL Circular Combination Cam Lock

The New and Exclusive KSQ 7450 CCL is one of the most reliable, affordable, and versatile combination locker locks on the market for keyless practical access to lockers, cabinets, and drawers.

Easy to install

The KSQ 7450 CCL combination cam locks for lockers are extremely robust and reliable. No batteries are required and they are easy to install on any door material including plastic, metal, and wooden cabinets and lockers. Keywatch Systems QLD sells digital electronic locks and mechanical combination locker locks that create a completely keyless system.

Built to last

KSQ’s 7450 CCL combination locker locks operate every day under constant usage with minimum maintenance and service required. Designed to last for many years, providing an excellent return on investment to your business by eliminating all the usual problems associated with keys.


KSQ’s circular combination cam lock is a 4 wheel lock with large and easy to read dials and the ability to have up to 10,000 possible code combinations.

Made from a high quality ABS plastic, the code discovery feature using the Master key, will reveal the code combination of the lock
when it is unknown or forgotten. KSQ’s 7450 CL is budget priced and perfect for replacing or retrofitting conventional key various cams in straight and offset sizes.


• Mechanical digital combination cam lock
• Suit timber or metal lockers and doors
• Cam tongue operation
• 4 wheel combination dials with large white numbers on a black background
• Up to 10,0000 possible combination codes
• Robust ABS body
• Master override key for security and safety inspections
• Unknown code discovery feature for revealing the lock combination when unknown or forgotten
• Easy end user combination changes. No special tools required. No need to remove lock from door.
• Lock and Unlocked position icons on face of lock
• No batteries to change


  • School Lockers
  • Mine Lockers
  • Staff Lockers
  • Mobile Phone Lockers
  • Sport Clubs
  • Mailboxes
Easy installation on timber and metal lockers and cabinets
White with Black Trim
Master Override Key
10,000 Combinations
No batteries required
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