Features And Options:

  • Permanent User modes
  • Auto Open Feature
  • Integrated RFID Card Reader
  • 2 levels of Management
  • PIN or RFID Card Operation
  • Low Voltage Alarm
  • Anti Tamper Keypad Alarm
  • Emergency Power Input
  • LED In Use Indicator

KRS-80D Is Ideal For:

  • School Lockers
  • Staff Lockers
  • Spa and Pool Lockers
  • Permanent User Applications

Programmable Functions:

  • View Opening Transaction history
  • Automatic Re-Lock
  • 1 Programming key
  • up to 25 User Cards
  • up to 25 User fingerprints
  • up to 25 User Codes
  • Voice Prompt including low voltage alarm.



KRS-80E Digital locker lock with bio-metric fingerprint reader, touchscreen keypad and integrated Mifare Card reader




Digital Locker Lock with Fingerprint, Code and Card Access with door open history for auditing

It is the only miniature locker and cabinet lock on the market offering the flexibility of all three methods of user access that can be installed on just about anything where you need multiple technologies for enhanced security over user access. Install in minutes to lockers, drawers, cupboards and office furniture and conveniently covers most other locker lock door preparations without patching. It features a clear and legible LCD touchscreen that displays various settings and menus to assist lock administrators with programming user access, setting lock modes and security levels as well as a visual audit trail of user access by time and date. And if all these features don’t excite you, it also has audible voice prompts for users and manager for incorrect code, fingerprint or card, close door and even voice warning when battery level is below 4-volts.

The KR S80E offers multiple access modes such as Standard mode; Code, Card or Fingerprint opening methods, as well as high security modes like; dual user code, dual user fingerprints to open, or a combination of both fingerprint and code to open.

Up to 25 individual User Codes, 25 User Fingerprints, and 25 User cards can be stored and easily programmed from the lock Keypad, for a maximum of 75 individual users in total.

An emergency power input provides external power in the event of flat batteries simply by inserting a mini USB Power Bank into the port at the base of the lock.  In event of flat batteries or battery changes the lock memory will retain all the programmed user codes, RFID cards and fingerprints enrolled allowing access. For applications where batteries are not preferred the KR-S80E features a power input for hard-wired installations that where up to 50 locks can be powered from the single low voltage plug-pack.

Voice prompts include Welcome; Error Code; Error Fingerprint; Error Card; Lock Open, Close Door, Exit Warning, Low battery and more.

Easily programmable all from the keypad and screen of the lock, without a PC or software required.

Features of the KR-S80E

  • 4-Level Management
  • Illuminated Touch Screen Keypad
  • Biometric Fingerprint Reader
  • Integrated Mifare Card Reader
  • Owner Programming Key Fob or Card
  • Opening Transaction History with Time and Date
  • Master Override Key Fob or Card
  • User -Guest access Fob
  • Permanent User Code for fixed User Code of 1 to 9 digits.
  • Voice Commands and Prompt – interchangeable volume to suit any environment
  • Auto relock in Permanent User mode (latch engages automatically after 10 seconds for push close)
  • Auto Unlock mode programmable at a specific set time each day with optional encoder
  • Anti-tamper keypad alarm when 4 consecutive incorrect codes or Fobs are entered
  • Up to 100,000 operations from 4 x AA batteries
  • Low Battery Warning and External Emergency power input


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