KM1603BP-PP-MK Digital Electronic Cam Lock

KSQ’s KM1603BP-PP-MK Digital locker lock features a touch screen keypad for PIN operation with Master Override Key.

The KM1603BP-PP-MK is a great budgetary option that has the main standard features including the master override code. The K1603BP-PP-MK can be switched between public and private mode freely, with a visual in use indicator to show when the locker is occupied.

Passwords can be consisted of 4-15 digits, and can be set and changed by users easily. Made from quality black ABS plastic housing, the KM1603BP-PP-MK is a reliable and budget-friendly locker lock that is suitable for most applications.




• Highly sensitive touch screen keypad
• User and master codes are 4-15 digits in length with billions of potential codes
• Password can be set and changed by users and memorized automatically when the lock is not powered
• Button battery cell can be used up to 3,000 times and easily replaced
• Audible and visual low battery prompts
• Auto-alarm will be activated when input wrong password 4 times
• Switch between public and private mode easily via the keypad
• Mechanical master override key used in the event of a battery failure or forgotten user code or master code.
• Material of body can be plastic or zinc alloy
• Factory set master override code in the event of a lost or forgotten code.


  • School Lockers
  • Gym Lockers
  • Swimming Pool Lockers
  • Staff Lockers
  • Hot Locker Systems

Programmable Functions

  • One Time User Mode
  • Permanent User Mode
  • 4-16 digit User Code
  • 4-16 digit Master Code
Permanent and Share user modes
Anti-Tamper Alarm and lockout mode
Visual In-Use Indicator
Compact Modern Design
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