Features of the Keywatcher Locker Module Systems

  • Six module cabinet accepts all standard KeyWatcher modules
  • 6, 8 & 16 location SmartKey modules, Card/Credit Card module, Single and Dual Locker modules.
  • Compact system fits almost anywhere.
  • Comes standard with the bottom mounted control box, but can be used with a remotely mounted keypad and display box
  • On-Board Weigand card reader interface
  • Accepts optional biometric finger reader


KeyWatcher Touch Electronic Locker Management System – 6 Module Cabinet



The Electronic Locker Management System Total Accountability

Take Complete Control and Accountability for your assets with the Keywatcher Touch Electronic locker Management Systems. Multiple different module sizes and configurations available to securely store any sized asset, with all the normal restrictions and control you have with the Keywatcher Key Management System. The system allows security managers to view reports on when assets where removed and returned, and has the control of setting time restrictions on accessing the assets with the free Truetouch management software. Customisable reports and automated alerts can be sent via Email to the relevant personal when assets and equipment are returned within the custom time restrictions.

Asset Control with Custom Management Reports

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The Product of Intelligent Engineering

Keywatcher Locker Modules takes storage of assets into the modern era. Using the same SK-30 Smart key technology enables you to recognize and track assets that have been placed in or removed from lockers. With the ability to support up to 10,000 users, Keywatcher Locker Modules let you track who removed or returned each asset and when it happened. Biometric scanner lets users unlock assets with the scan of a finger. Three modes enable administrators to tailor use of the KeyWatcher Locker Modules to specific needs. Perfect for hotels, schools, hospitals, casinos, and other high-security applications where important assets require secure storage, Keywatchers Locker Module System is flexible and scalable which makes it ideal for a range of uses.

Flexible, scalable, and highly capable, right inside the box.

Features of the Keywatcher Touch Locker Module Systems

  • Fast, reliable CPU
  • 7″ Touch Screen Display
  • Integration-ready
  • Common Database for all keywatchers within a “site”
  • “My Keys Out” Feature for all users
  • Fully customizable with 3 user modes
  • Keypro III Software you know and trust from Morse Watchmans
  • Biometeric Fingerprint reader
  • Card reader / Relay Output Interface
  • Multi-user feature
  • Non Random Return Feature
  • Text/Email Notifications for specific users, keys or events and ability to select who will be alerted

Keywatcher Touch Key and Locker Managment systems are available in a range of stand-alone or networkable cabinets to suit all applications

The Integrated Access Control Solution

The Keywatcher Touch is designed for complete interactivity with your other business systems. By opening our protocols to a wide range of integration partners, Keywatcher and Asset management systems make it possible for you to implement connectivity across systems on any level you choose. For example, by integrating your KeyWatcher system with your access control system, your access control system will know which users have keys and which do not. A user who has taken a specific key from KeyWatcher or Asset from the Asset Manager can be denied exit from the facility until the key is returned – and selected management can be alerted via email if a key has not been returned on time.

Secure and Vandal-Resistant

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Secure and Vandal-Resistant