Keywatcher Remote Log In Station

The remote KeyWatcher control box enables security management to better limit and manages physical security vulnerability through improved key control in facilities where protection of the key cabinet itself is critical.

This is an example of the optional Remote Keypad/Display for use in industry such as casino’s where the KeyWatcher cabinet would be mounted just outside the cage securing sensitive key sets, and the remote keypad/display on the inside. Or in a correctional facility, the cabinet would be inside the control room and the remote outside it. This configuration is required when there are key sets that require more than one user login before they are released.

The unit is typically installed outside a secure room such as a casino cage or a Control Room at a prison and can be wall- or desktop-mounted.



  • Wall or Desktop Mounted
  • Up to 3 PINS required for added Security
  • On-Board Weigand card reader interface
  • Accepts optional biometric finger reader
  • Instant Key Release
  • Hidden
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