The Product of Intelligent Engineering

The KeyWatcher Key Management System provides a new sophisticated design and improved access control. Its illuminated key storage system makes finding keys a cinch and provides twice the amount of storage, while using minimal wall space.

Built to last

Built into a rugged steel cabinet with highly illuminated key slots, the improved design makes it easier to locate keys and maximize wall space. The exterior design of the cabinet has been enhanced to blend in with today’s office environments, while the key control system seamlessly controls and monitors keys.

Easy to use

Morse Watchmans engineered the keypad and control console of the new KeyWatcher system to be extremely user-friendly and accessible to the handicapped. The aesthetically pleasing, smart design actually helps to reduce wall space, while providing easier access.

The KeyWatcher is powered by the same AC electricity available from your wall outlet, and features an emergency back up battery capable of supporting the system for up to 48 hours.


Management solution

KeyWatcher Illuminated is a modular, scalable integrated key control and management solution that’s designed for interoperability with access control and other systems.

With KeyWatcher Illuminated, access to the electronic key cabinet and to individual keys is under your complete control. You decide who has permission to remove each key, and with KeyWatcher’s advanced communications capabilities, you always know who removed any key and when it was taken. It’s the solution that gives you more value, more storage and more convenient accessibility to your electronic key management system.

Adaptable to your business

We engineered the KeyWatcher Illuminated with a modular design, so you can configure the exact components you need like key slots, card slots, and lockers. With this system, you have the ability to change modules where and when you need them. KeyWatcher Illuminated is also scalable, so it can grow as your needs grow.

Be sure to check out KeyWatcher Touch, the next generation key cabinet that builds on the success of KeyWatcher Illuminated. KeyWatcher Touch offers expanded software functionality and access-control integration, and features a robust and easy-to-use touch screen interface. And like KeyWatcher Illuminated, this electronic key system provides users with the ability to customize key storage cabinets with different modules for keys, access cards, laptops, and handheld devices.

The Integrated Access Control Solution

KeyWatcher is designed for complete interactivity with your other business systems. By opening our protocols to a wide range of integration partners, Morse Watchmans makes it possible for you to implement connectivity across systems on any level you choose.

For example, by integrating your KeyWatcher system with your access control system, your access control system will know which users have keys and which do not. A user who has taken a specific key from KeyWatcher can be denied egress from the facility until the key is returned – and selected management can be alerted via email if a key has not been returned on time.

By engineering KeyWatcher with the ability to communicate across systems, Morse Watchmans helps our customers maintain best-in-breed security solutions without the need to overhaul or replace costly installations.

KeyWatcher has a built-in RS-232 communications port for direct connectivity to printers or other devices, or networked connectivity via Ethernet.

Secure and Vandal-Resistant

With a built-in keypad and up to 2,000 assignable user codes with PINs (Personal Identification Numbers), KeyWatcher provides unmatched flexibility. The system allows security managers the discretion to appoint one of five different levels of access for each employee. In addition, it offers the expandability of interfacing with a variety of access control devices.


  • Easily identify the proper keys
  • Return keys to any location
  • Rugged, functional design uses less wall space
  • Ergonomic design offers ease of use
  • Backed by industry-leading warranties


  • Airports
  • Corrections
  • Data Centers
  • Education
  • Fleet Management
  • Gaming
  • Government and Military
  • Hotels and Hospitality
  • Municipal buildings
17cm coloured touch screen
Optional Biometric Fingerprint Reader
Illuminated Key Slots
Detailed Reports
Return Keys to any Location
Backed by industry-leading warranties
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