Hitchsafe Tow Bar Vault

Secure your keys securely and discretely in your tow bar receiver

Hitchsafe key safe for hitch type towbars to secure keys, license, credit cards. Never be locked out again with the Hitchsafe. Easy installation no special tools, Hitchsafe can be fitted to 50mm

hitch bar receivers in less than 5 minutes. 10,000 possible combinations, heavy-duty dust cover for discretion and protection.

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The perfect solution for storing keys securely while your out and about!

Convert your ordinary Hitch Receiver into a secure and hidden spare key compartment. Perfect for storing keys, cards and cash while your out and about! the perfect solution to storing keys while surfing, cycling, walking, hiking, swimming and much more! forget hiding your keys on the back tyre or having to take them with you with the HitchSafe.

Supplied in a sealed blister pack with all accessories including QR Codes for video demonstration and installation. If your Hitch Bar receiver wall (where the locking pin goes through, is over 5mm thickness you will require the optional Long Locking Pins at an additional cost of $9.95. To order with Longer PIN choose HS7000LP variant model) Please Note that the extra long locking pins will only work on receivers in excess of 5mm and under 12mm.

Great for Outdoor Activities where Keys are a Hassle or can Become Lost

HitchSafe can store spare keys for quick and secure access. It can also be utilized for sharing access with friends/family or special situations such as outdoor sports where carrying keys can be problematic and credit cards/cash left inside the vehicle would otherwise run the risk of being stolen.

Secure, Concealed Key Storage that will Not Fall off like Magnetic Key Holders

A far superior solution to magnetic key holders that eventually fall off (they are never there when you need them!). If your magnetic key holder has not joined millions of them lying on the roadside, you then have an open invitation for someone to steal your car because everyone knows where they are hidden. HitchSafe is contained within solid steel structure of hitch receiver via a combination where only you can access keys when needed.


Attention – Storing of Vehicle Proximity Keys

If you intend using any of our key lock boxes for securing vehicle ‘proximity keys’ we strongly recommend you fully test the lockbox with the key locked inside to ensure it cannot transmit through the lock box metal housing. If keys can transmit we recommend wrapping proximity keys in heavy-duty aluminum foil for added protection. Always thoroughly test the vehicle is securely locked at all entry points before leaving it.

How to Use

  • Pop off dust cover
  • Enter in four digit code
  • Release lever
  • Spring loaded drawer comes forward
  • Show friends your cool, new key safe

Inside the box

  • Vault that slides into the receiver
  • 10,000 combination drawer
  • Dust cover
  • 2 Nickel Cadmium Bolts (interlock with sliding bars inside vault)
  • 2 foam O-rings to seal bolts
  • 4 foam flange seals/spacers

Additional information

Additional information

Weight0.9 kg
Dimensions22 × 14 × 15 cm

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