SX-575 Combination Padlock With Master Override Key



 Master Override Key With Code Discovery Feature

SX575MK Padlock Master Override Key for overriding the user combination when it is forgotten or unknown. SX575MK enables administrators to discover the unknown code so the padlock can be continually used with the original code or reset with new combination. One pair of SX575MK keys are supplied free with the first 50 SX575 padlocks purchased.

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High Security  and Unique Key Series

The padlock that offers the best of both worlds! 4-Digit user combination that can be changed at random anytime without tools for up to 10,000 possible user codes. An optional Master override key unlocks the padlock but can also reveal the user code if it is forgotten or unknown. This means you are never locked out of a padlock again! No more keys to lose, break or cut and no more busting the padlock off and replacing it. Durable solid alloy construction with chromed hardened steel shackle makes this little lock the perfect solution for school lockers, gyms, fitness centres, employee lockers etc. The perfect, affordable solution for employee lockers in the mining, hospitality, and health industries or where laundry services are provided and an override access to lockers is essential.  Bulk order discounts apply for orders 100+

Features of the SX575

  • Master Override Key
  • User changeable code; no tools required
  • Code Discovery Feature for unknown or forgotten combinations
  • 10,000 Combinations
  • Keyed Alike or to Differ
  • Special discounts for Trade and OEM cabinet and locker makers



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