Features And Options:

  • Master Override Key
  • Code Discovery Feature
  • Shared User Mode
  • Permanent User Mode
  • 10,000 Combinations
  • Integrated Pull Handle
  • No Batteries

AL239VP is Ideal For:

  • School Lockers
  • Mine Lockers
  • Staff Lockers
  • Gym Lockers
  • Sport Clubs


AL 239VP Combination Locker Lock



The AL239 Combination Locker Lock Model is a full featured mechanical combination cam lock with integrated pull handle.
Featuring Master override keys and code discovery feature, the AL239 features a 4 wheel combination with large and
easy to read dials with white on black numbers and up to 10,000 possible combinations. Made from a high quality
solid polished alloy zinc housing, the code discovery feature using the Master key, will reveal the combination of the lock
when it is unknown or forgotten. Red and green “in use” indicators are ideal for shared user application.
KSQ’s AL239 is budget priced and perfect for replacing or retrofitting
conventional key various cams in straight and offset sizes.

Features of the AL239VP

  • Mechanical digital combination cam lock
  • Suit timber, plastic or metal lockers and doors
  • Cam tongue operation with optional cams to suit sliding, offset, tambours
  • 4 wheel combination dials with large white numbers on a black background
  • Up to 10,0000 possible combination codes
  • Robust solid one-piece polished Zinc alloy body and pull handle
  • Integrated pull handle for all-in-one convenient installation and easy opening for self-closing doors
  • Master override key for security and safety inspections
  • Unknown code discovery feature for revealing the lock combination when unknown or forgotten
  • Unique Auto Reset feature leaves the lock ready for one-time-users to simply dial in their own code and lock it
  • In use indicators on body and turn knob (Red locked/Green open)
  • NO batteries to change every couple of years
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