ABS Protective Cover Suitable For:

  • Ultra Combi Cam 7440L
  • KM1603BP
  • Minik10 Range

ABS Protective Cam Lock Cover



The ABS protective cover has been designed to offer a number of our Digital and Combination cam locks further protection from harsh environments.

Designed, developed and manufactured in Australia by  KSQ for the physical protection of your Ultra Model 7440L Combination Cam Lock with Master Override Key. Protects by minimising accidental damage, deliberate or forcible misuse, tampering, and indirect exposure to environmental elements such as dust and water.

The base plate has been pre-drilled with all the holes for the various positioned top retainer screws for each model lock, with manual fixing screw holes for additional reinforcement (optional) and, a special Double ‘D’ hole that accepts all 3 different cylinder sizes (16mm 18mm and 19mm) The top lid simply clips on and is self-closing (by gravity) to deter users leaving the lid in the open position to expose the lock to outdoor environments. We’ve conducted a forced water test (hosing) at very close range and had no signs of water getting inside the cover.

  • Provides a protective shield that fully encloses  the lock body, turn knob, and combination dials
  • Made from environmentally friendly heavy-duty recycled ABS plastic
  • Self-closing cover drops after releasing to avoid users from inadvertently leaving it open
  • Top cover fully encloses the entire lock body and keypad on all sides
  • Base plate molded with double ‘D’ hole to suit ‘D’ cylinder and the middle fixing screw. The base also provides 3 additional fixing holes for optional screws strengthening the cover to timber or metal doors (holes are countersunk for screws and small pop rivets)
  • Quick snap assembly of the lid cover to base the plate using fixed integrated hinge
  • Also fits all MiniK10 locks in the range along with the Ultra Combi-Cam 7440L and the KM1603PP Digital Cam Lock with MK  override
  • The top of the cover also features a small recess to accept MiniK10 user instruction stickers (supplied on request)
  • Manufactured in by Australian owned and operated business



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