1080R Digital Locker Lock with Keypad and Mifare Reader

KSQ’s 1080R Digital locker lock features a keypad for PIN operation and Mifare 13.56MHz RFID Reader for card operation. It features, multi-user and single user modes and has 3 levels of management, with the flexibility of programming to suit almost any application.

The 1080R is the perfect solution for Public Share locker operation as it features automatic opening between 1 minute and 24 hours after locking to deter ownership or extended use of lockers.

Highly polished zinc alloy construction with an integrated pull handle. The 1080R offers quality with features to meet all
locker applications. The range includes the 1080DAO 125 KHz 1k Classic RFID Cards and PIN, and the 1080M Mifare card only models.




  • 4-Level Management
  • Illuminated Keypad Buttons stainless steel keypad case
  • Owner Programming Key Fob
  • Master Override Codes or Key Fob -up to 3 Master Fobs per lock
  • Service Override Fob
  • User -Guest access Fob
  • Multi-User Code mode – allows any user to enter their own 1-9 digit code which deletes after opening ready for next user
  • Permanent User Code for fixed User Code of 1 to 9 digits. User changeable
  • Auto relock in Permanent User mode (letch engages automatically after 10 seconds for push close
  • Auto Unlock mode programmable between 1-1440 minutes – deters users taking ownership of lockers and sets a limit to maximum authorized use
  • Anti-tamper keypad alarm when 4 consecutive incorrect codes or Fobs are entered
  • Up to 100,000 operations from 4 x AA batteries
  • Low Battery Warning and External emergency power input


  • School Lockers
  • Gym Lockers
  • Swimming Pool Lockers
  • Staff Lockers
  • Hot Locker Systems

Programmable Functions

  • Automatic Unlocking
  • Mutable Keypad
  • Automatic Re-Lock
  • 1 Programming key
  • 3 Master Keys
Net Weight425g
Gross Weight662g (2px/box)
Key Software3 Management Level
Door Thickness6-22mm
Power Supply3 x AA Alkaline Batteries
Battery Life12-24 Months depending on usage
Carton size480mm x 305mm x 170mm
Static Current<=30uA
Dynamic Current<=350mA
Working Temperature10 – 55 Degrees Celcius


PIN or RFID Card Operation
Anti-tamper keypad alarm when 4 consecutive incorrect codes or Fobs are entered
Master Override Codes or Key Fob
Emergency Power Input
LED In Use Indicator
Integrated Pull Handle
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