Features And Options:

  • Permanent and Share user modes
  • Auto Open Feature
  • Integrated Mifare Card Reader
  • 3 levels of Management
  • Wristband, Fob or Card Operation
  • Low Voltage Alarm
  • Anti Tamper Card Reader Alarm
  • Emergency Power Input
  • LED In Use Indicator
  • Integrated Pull Handle

1080MS Is Ideal For:

  • School Lockers
  • Gym Lockers
  • Swimming Pool Lockers
  • Staff Lockers
  • Hot Locker Systems

Programmable Functions:

  • Automatic Re-Lock
  • 1 Programming key
  • 3 Master Keys
  • Locker Numbering Card
  • Automatic Opening Card


1080MS Digital Locker Lock with Mifare Reader




Digital Locker Lock with Mifare Reader

KSQ’s Model 1080MS RFID Mifare 13.56MHz Card only Operated Locker Lock.
The 1080MS Black features 2 operating modes: One Time User Mode or Permanent User Mode with auto re-lock.
In One Time user Mode, users present their card to any vacant locker to lock it (occupied locker will have a flashing light).
Once a user has locked a lock, the User card is blocked from using any additional lockers
until the lock is opened by the original user card. When the user unlocks the 1080MS the lock resets and
ready for the next user. The previous user card is now free to operate any other lock.
This feature stops users taking ownership of more than one locker at a time.

Features of the 1080MS

• Electronic Mifare Card operated locker lock
• Polished alloy body or matte black finish with modern
architectural designed integrated pull handle
• Mifare (13.56MHz) Card Reader
• Choose Cards, Fobs or Wristbands or any combination
for Programming Card, Master Card & Locker User Access Cards
• Public One-Time-User Mode
(accepts any Mifare 13.56MHz 1K card/fob/wristband)
• Fixed User Mode (permanent user) accepts any
Mifare 13.56MHz 1K card/fob/wristband)
• Locker Numbering Feature – using the optional 1080MS software
and programming cards, each locker can be assigned its own ID.
If a user forgets their locker number, they can present their
card on an optional Decoder Reader* that identifies the locker
number in use (*generally located in the immediate locker area)

• Pull to open and push to close – no additional door furniture required
• ABS lock box with integrated battery compartment
• Battery powered by 3 x AA batteries (not included)
• Auto Open Feature – Using the software and time delay cards,
the locks can be programmed to open after a set time, anytime
from 1 minute to 24 hours after locking.
• Anti-tamper and incorrect card alarm
• Forced door alarm if latch opened without card
• Lock status LED flashes when locker is in use
• Low battery voltage alarm
• Emergency power input in event of flat batteries
• Spring loaded bolt locking mechanism includes heavy duty
ABS Striker plate
• Easy to use software to assist with programming of time delay
cards and locker numbering cards


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