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Bluetooth Smart Lock for Home Business or Holiday Accommodation Access

No More Keys!

Just use your smartphone to open your door from anywhere in the world!

The latest innovative product from KSQ now provides keyless access to your home, office, storeroom, gate or even a holiday rental property simply by using your smartphone. The ksq BVL-9311  SmartLock from Barvotech offers a whole new level of convenience and flexiblity for access never seen before. Imagine how simple it would be to walk up to you door and it opens automatically handsfree? No more juggling shopping, kids, bags or whatever looking for keys and fumbling around to open your door. Now you just walk within wireless bluetooth range and bingo! Your door opens. If you prefer a little more security then simply swipe the ap on your phone or setup your ApP to open the lock by a PIN. You can even open the SmartLock using a small wireless remote control, just like the one you use to open your garage door. And, if your phone or remote isn't handy it also opens by conventional key.

KSQ BVL 9311 Bluetooth deadlock



Smartphone access via Free App

Wireless Key Fob Remote Control Included

Mechanical conventional master key override

Lost phone reset.


No need for spare keys or issuing keys again. Your Smartphone is your backup key now.

BV-LOCK Smartphone Mobile App can control multiple BV-LOCK devices.

BV-LOCK device and your Smartphone get audio alerts when the lock battery is low.

Mobile App with Admin Key can grant/revoke each e-Key and view activities log.

Uses email service from Smartphone to issue ‘Share Key’ for up to 24 guests.

Full protection with encryption keys for assigning multiple levels of security and verification.

Wireless remote Key Fobs conveniently open the lock within 5-meters range.

Programmable for up to 10 permanent e-Keys and 6 Wireless Key Fobs for family members.

Auto lock feature can be set to automatically lock the door from 5 - 99 seconds after opening.

Or, simply just touch your Smartphone on the SmartLock face.

Open REMOTELY by mobile phone within a short proximity using Bluetooth technology.

After expiration time, each "Share eKey" will be deleted from KEEFREE lock device.

Easily replace your existing KNOBSET LOCK OR DEADLOCK no power or internet required 

Each "Share eKey" can be granted by weeks/days/hours/minutes from Mobile App.

The Admin and Two Masters can create 24 sets of guest eKey for temporary use.

With unique ID encryption, eKey cannot be duplicated or transferred to other devices.

An Admin eKey from Mobile App has full control over all eKeys at any time.

Key Fob can provide safe and easy access to young family members.

Your Smartphone is now your smart key

Your home is secured and safe with BV-LOCK lock. Enjoy the life with convenience of automatic unlocking and optional automatic locking of your door.
With the Mobile App, you can open door and control your door activities.
No more fumbling for key at night time. Just walk within 5-meters of the door to open it



ksq barvotech bluetooth lock


Manage Users

An Admin eKey can make two Master eKeys and seven permanent family member eKeys.

The Admin / Master eKey can make 24 sets of Guest eKey to any BV-LOCK lock device.
You can grant / revoke each eKey access for weeks to hours and minutes. The perfect solution for granting access to privately or commercially managed holiday rental properties. No lock boxes or key dispensers required.

Assign 24-7 access to cleaners, carers, family, friends or guests

Assign limited access to contractors, tradesmen, gardeners
Send encrypted key by email to accommodation guests for access at a certain date for and a certain expiry period.  You are in control.


Encryption and Secure Lock

BV-LOCK lock device has built in special encryption key with multiple level verification methods to secure the lock

 No Smartphone, no problem!  SmartLock also opens with a Wireless Remote Control Fob supplied with Smartlock

Keep your Key Fob in your pocket, purse, or backpack and press the Fob button to unlock door.
One Key Fob is included in the package and up to 4 Fobs can be set to open the lock for kids, famil etc..
Additional Key Fobs are available for affordable optional purchase.

Locking and unlocking remotely

Use any Key Fob (up to 6) you can do short distance (up to 5 meters) remote control to your door for unlocking at your convenience.

DOWNLOAD PDF BROCHURE HERE  KSQ SmartLock BVL 9311 The Lock that opens by your smartphone

iPad Carry Case with Security Cable

Now there is full protection and security for iPads models 1 to 4. Limits possibility of slipping out of your hand or dropping and can be tethered securely to prevent unauthorised removal or theft. Integrated stand for any rotation or angle

  • Impact resistant ABS plastic with inner foam lining
  • Handle rotates/tilts for unlimited view positioning as a stand -
  • Handle allows unlimted positioning secured to hand on the go -
  • High security lock/cable secures to any fixed object with two keys-
  • Allows access to all ports, even the rear camera -
  • Handle snaps shut for storage -
  • Anti-skid handle
  • Perfect for retailers, schools, universities, hospitals where shares use of tablets is required
  • Click Here to Download Brochure

iPad stand cable lock

MiniK10- Electronic Cam Lock for Lockers and Cabinets

MiniK10 from Kilitronik is the worlds smallest eco-friendly electronic digital cam lock. It features a standard cam lock installation for retro-fitting conventional key operated cam locks and combination cam locks.

 Kilitronik MiniK10 has a 4 digit user code for up to 10,000 possible combinations and a master and supervisor override code. It can be set to operate for One-Time-User (Locker mode) or Permanent User. The lock can provides visual and audible annunciation ( the latter which can be muted for office environments). Unlike all other electronic locker locks that use conventional batteries requiring frequent changes, The most unique feature for the MiniK10 is that is powered by a 3 volt lithium battery for up to 10 years operation based on 10 openings per day.

There are  4 different available models being PIN Only, RFID 125KHz, Mifare 1k 13.6MHz and NFC (Near Field Communication). The NFC model enables locker administrators with the ability to open the lock and change lock programming mode using a NFC compatible android device with a free App, supplied by the manufacturer.


mini k10 ana 01

Brass Numbered Key Tags

Quality solid polished brass key tags come with embossed baked enamel numbering in sets 1-25, 1-50, 1-100 up to 500. Two sizes available include 25mm and 40mm each have a 4mm ring hole to accommodate large key rings or our tamper-proof key rings. Brass tags are strong, durable and naturally rust-proof and are ideal for identifying keys, tools or other equipment. A must have for use with Keywatcher electronic key cabinets or our Keysafe automatic key dispenser. More durable than aluminium discs and more legible than hand-stamped discs. Click Here to see discount pricing for bulk quantities   

Hitchsafe Keysafe for Hitch-Tow-Bars


Hitchsafe is the only key safe designed to fit into Hitch Bar tow bars. No tools required to install, Hitchsafe fits into 50mm Hitch Bar receivers using the same holes that pins your tow ball. This is the perfect key safe for security of your vehicle key when surfing, scuba diving, walking, hiking, camping or participating in any outdoors activity where you run the risk of losing your keys. Hitchsafe is also perfect for securing keys to your home, car, motorhome, or caravan? Imagine being in the middle of nowhere and being locked out! With the Hitchbar, you're never locked out! Hitchsafe is a solid alloy and steel combination vault that actually fits right into your 50mm Hitch receiver. It takes about 2-3 minutes to fit and you don't need any tools. Just insert the Hitchsafe into your towbar receiver, insert the locking pins and that's it. Now you can secure your keys, licence, cards or cash whilst you enjoy the outdoors. There's always a risk of losing your keys right? Don't take the risk! A locksmith, replacement key or even smashing a window will cost you 3 to 5 times more than the cost of the Hitchsafe.

Hitchsafe is a secure key vault manufactured from alloy construction with a 4-digit combination lock with up to 10,000 codes. Never carry your keys around with you again! 



 Hitch Vault

 hitchsafe pins spacers

Hitchsafe Exploded View


Key Lock Boxes for Homes and Businesses

 The NEW KeyGuard Pro Key Safe, a division of FJM Security Products,  is the professional’s choice because it offers a product that addresses professional’s demands. The KeyGuard Pro Key Box offers unique features such as the keypad and optional locking shackle. Along with this, is the large storage area which holds keys and cards. These features and others are offered at a price lower than leading competitive lockboxes.

Keep your kids safe with Key Lock Boxes

Ensure that your kids and their belongings are kept safe at all times. 

If you lead a busy life and your children are often arriving home before you have left the office, then a Key Lock Box is the perfect solution.  This ensures that the house keys are always accessible within a secure lock box that is code-protected. Teenagers want more freedom but they can also easily lose things such as Keys.  Keeping the spare keys under the front garden pot plants is just not a secure solution.  Key Lock Boxes are easy to manage and completely secure.


HitchSafe a Big Hit for Surfers and Outdoor Enthusiasts

The Surfing Industry is in a spin with this new product offering from Keywatcher QLD.  Surfers can leave their keys and wallet locked securely in the tow bar of their vehicle with complete peace of mind that these or their car cannot be broken into.