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Frequently Asked Questions

When a user request to remove a key - It displays "Access Denied"

This will be a programming issue – Check that the user has got the correct key and/or group restrictions applied to them correctly in their profile. It could also be because of a time restriction applied to the key or group.

When I ask for a key the KeyWatcher still says it is already in use even though it is locked inside the cabinet

When a dirty tag has been returned into the cabinet the sensors did not recognise it being returned from the last user. A Level 1 User will need to access the Utilities Menu directly at the box and perform a Release Location. Please refer to the Release Location and Service & Maintenance notes provided for more information.

A tag to the KeyWatcher has been lost and/or damaged. How do I replace it?

Sometimes tags can get lost or damaged.  You will need to get a blank tag that has NOT been pre-programmed into the database.  A level 1 user will need to access the Utilities Menu directly at the box and perform a Replace Key function.  Please refer to Replace Key notes provided for more information.

There is no history information when I run an audit report

If there is no information in the report this is because the transactions have not been collected. Open the Keypro 3 software and select the Transactions Icon from Main Page – and do a Collect Transactions.  Note: The system is only capable of storing 4000 transactions in it’s memory so if there are more than 4000 to collect, the system will only collect the most recent 4000 transactions it has stored.

The door to the cabinet will not release or open

Generally a power spike is responsible for this & can sometimes seize the electric strike from opening.  A level 1 user will need to access the Setup Menu directly at the box and perform a System Restart.  This will reboot the KeyWatcher maintaining all of its users and transactions memory and will reinstate the electric strike.

What kind of backup does the system have if we lose power?

The KeyWatcher comes standard with a battery backup, which allows the KeyWatcher to operate without AC power for approximately 48-hours. The system also has a lithium battery backup that allows the KeyWatcher to hold its programming during a long term AC power loss. The KeyWatcher will function normally during power outages.

The keyWatcher has an AC power loss alarm that will not cancel

This alarm will occur due to AC power being lost. The system will continue to work on back up batteries.  Level 1 or 2 Users can bypass this alarm by cursoring over to No when asked if they wish to cancel the alarm.  By selecting No will take you to the Remove key prompt. If you select Yes you will get a message saying that this alarm cannot be cancelled until AC power is restored.

There is no power or battery back up at all to the KeyWatcher and keys are locked in the cabinet. How do I get the keys out?

The KeyWatcher is one of the few systems that provides a method to manually override the system to release key sets if the system is not responding.

If you have your emergency override key (Medeco) open the main front door, then with the same key open the key panel door.  Locate grey ribbon cable from the back of the panel that leads to the circuit board and remove gently. Lift down the spring bolt located in top left hand corner and tilt key panel slightly to the side allowing you to completely remove the panel from the cabinet.  Behind each slot location is a square hole. Find an object long enough to fit through the hole and push down spring and remove the tag.

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