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Frequently Asked Questions

MiniK 10

Please ensure you read the manual before using the lock.

Once the Minik10 has been installed, periodically check the nuts and screws and ensure they are tightened up by hand only.

Use of powered hand tools and overtightening of the screws and nuts can damage the lock.

Please ensure that you change the master code with your own master password and test it with the door open. Please make note of the new master code and store it in a safe and secure location.

After installing my MiniK 10, I am not getting any response from the keypad

Ensure that the plastic clear battery tab at the back of the lock has been pulled and the lock has been initialised.

Why does my user code constantly reset after each use?

The lock is in one-time-user mode. This means that the lock automatically resets after each use ready for the next user. Contact your locker administrator to change the operating mode to permanent user mode.

How long is the battery life?

The battery life of the Minik10 is 10 years, based on 10 openings per day!

Please note that Programming parameters 2, 3 and 7 will reduce this when active. If the battery dies whilst in the locked position.

I'm not sure what locker I used?

Contact your locker administrator to provide access to your locker via the service password.  The Service password can be used to inspect the contents of the lockers, without overriding the original user code.

What does the 5 red lights mean when I enter my code?

The flashing of the red LED indicates that the Minik10 battery is getting low and must be replaced immediately. If the Minik10’s Battery dies whilst in the locked position, contact your locker administrator to provide the Emergency Power Device and provide access to your locker.

My code is correct and the LED flashes green but my MiniK 10 won't lock?

This is due to over tightening the mounting parts during installation. If the Hex nut at the back is fastened to tight, the pressure on the lock will stop the locking mechanism from engaging.

Ultra Combi-Cam

How do I set my combination?

For first time use – The factory default code for the Ultra Combi Cam range is all 0’s.

Write your new desired code down. Dial up your existing combination in line with the arrow on the front. Once the current combination is entered , press and hold the round button, located on the top of the lock. Continue holding the button down and do not release it until your new combination is completely set.

Ensure that you store your combination in a safe and secure location.

I have entered my combination, but my lock will not unlock?

Ensure that the combination digits are correctly aligned with the arrow on the face of the lock. Spin off the dials and then try your combination once more. If the combination doesn’t work, contact your locker administrator to check your previous code with the code discovery feature using the master key or probe.

How do I discover a lost or forgotten code/combination?

7440 – Contact your Locker administrator who can provide your lost code using the master override key.

7432 – Contact your locker administrator who can provide access to your locker via the master key. Once inside the locker, insert the code discovery probe into each hole, spinning the dials on the front of the lock until it is stopped.

Once your combination has been discovered, please ensure that you make note of it and store it in a safe and secure location.

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