KeyWatcher electronic key management systems are modular, expandable, and networked for intelligent control, accountability, and management of all your keys, fobs, access cards, or other assets. These are designed for integration with access control and security systems with high and low-level interfacing to security management systems, like Gallagher, Integriti, Lenel and Honeywell or Rapid Global contractor and visitor management systems and Ausfleet vehicle management software.

With the KeyWatcher III or the KeyWatcher Touch, access to these KeyWatcher smart keys is completely in your control. Authorised individual or group users can be granted, denied, or restricted with access to certain keys, one key, multiple keys, or all keys for a certain time, time durations, or days

What a KeyWatcher Key Management System can do for your workplace

KeyWatcher smart keys put you completely in control of your users and keys. KeyWatcher’s advanced KeyPro III key management software is flexible, comprehensive, and simplistic. Communication between the KeyWatcher and the KeyPro III software can be serial, LAN or WAN. User and Key Transactions can be received ‘live’, so you will always know which person removed which key/s and when they were returned. It is the solution that gives you more value, more storage, and more versatility and more peace of mind knowing your keys are totally and completely secure and controlled.

KeyWatcher Illuminated and KeyWatcher Touch were engineered with a modular design, so you can configure your system exactly to your needs or application. You can secure keys, access control, or petrol cards, or even remotes, phones, radios, all in the same cabinet or system. With the choice to mix and match key modules to hold 6, 8, or 16 keys or access cards or other accouterments, you can tailor make a system specific to your key capacity where and when you need to. No other system has the flexibility or the expansion capabilities as KeyWatcher smart keys.

To expand KeyWatcher III Illuminated or KeyWatcher Touch systems, you simply add more cabinets to your original cabinet configuration to grow your system as your needs grow.

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Our Keywatcher configurat0r enables you to select the cabinet size and key or locker modules of your choice to meet your requirements

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