Important Hitchsafe Returns Policy

Under NO circumstances will KSQ authorise a refund where the package has been damaged, opened or tampered with. Hitchsafe is supplied in a blister packaging which when opened cannot be resealed to its original condition and as such, NO REFUNDS will be approved for any returns where packaging has been damaged.

Please read and understand the following before purchase!

  1. Hitchsafe is designed for after market hitch type towbars with a 50mm square receiver.
  2. Hitchsafe also fits some OEM (original equipment manufacturer) hitch bars that have a 50mm square receiver.
  3. Some hitch bars are NOT 50mm square and some have rounded corners
  4. If your hitch bar is under 50mm square – The Hitchsafe will NOT fit
  5. If your hitch bar has rounded corners, you may need to file the corners down on the Hitchsafe.
  6. The Hitchsafe fits into receivers that have a wall thickness of 5mm OR LESS. Some after market or OEM have a wall thickness of 5mm but not exceed 12mm. For these types of hitch bars you will require the longer locking pins (supplied) with the Hitchsafe.
  7. Before you purchase
    1. Measure the receiver opening of your hitch bar to ensure it has a minimum of 50mm square on ALL sides.
    2. Measure the wall thickness of your receiver. This can be done using a thin tape measure inserted into the locking pin hole to confirm the wall thickness.

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