Vehicle Fleet Control

The Keywatcher is the perfect solution for providing total key control and accountability for Fleet Vehicles, Plant Vehicles and Car Pools.

As used by Gold Coast City Council, Ipswich City Council, Logan City Council and Brisbane City Council. These systems provide total control over users with access to fleet vehicles by restricting access to keys. Records user name, key number, vehicle name or description, time and date the key is removed and returned. The Keywatcher monitors the use of keys to ensure they are returned within specific time frames and will alert administrators of the system by local and remote alarms or emails. With KeyWatcher you will never have to maintain manual logs or manually issue keys for vehicles. With the easy to use KeyPro III Software, administrators can immediately produce reports or audits for any vehicle registration or user to identify the person responsible, in the event of parking or traffic infringements.

The two most unique features of the KeyWatcher is the modular design and random key return feature. This allows users to quickly and conveniently return keys to any location within the cabinet to minimise down time, plus return keys to specific modules that can represent facility or carpark locations. The KeyPro software supplied with KeyWatcher enables remote programming via LAN or direct connection to the KeyWatcher. Cabinets are available in a range of key security capacities from as small as 8 keys up to 2,000 keys.

The KeyPro software has a key reservation feature so that users wanting a certain vehicle for a specific date or time can have administrators reserve and restrict access to that vehicles/key preventing other users from accessing.


KeyWatcher electronic key management systems by KeyWatch Systems Qld are widely used by many federal, state and local government departments and agencies including Australian Customs, Border Protection Services, Australian Defence Force, Queensland Correctional Services, Casinos, and Gaming Facilities.


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