Casino Key and Asset Control

Used by every Casino in Australia, the Keywatcher Key management system is the ultimate addition to the security and asset protection team. The Keywatcher provides a safe and secure location for keys to be stored whilst not in use along with complete accountability of those in-use. By Implementing a Keywatcher into your current system, you are in complete control of your users and your keys. With advanced reporting and management software, managing User and Key Transactions can be received ‘live’, so you will always know which person removed which key/s and when they were returned.

It is the solution that gives you more value, more storage, and more versatility and more peace of mind knowing your keys are totally and completely secure and controlled.


KeyWatcher electronic key management systems by KeyWatch Systems Qld are widely used by many federal, state and local government departments and agencies including Australian Customs, Border Protection Services, Australian Defence Force, Queensland Correctional Services, Casinos and Gaming Facilities.

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