Simplified Key Management for All School Departments

Used extensively in many Universities for the security, control and accountability of keys and for tracking and monitoring their use and safe return. Keywatcher takes the daily chore and very demanding administration out of issuing and controlling keys by putting the responsibility onto the key users. It automatically records usernames and key names and numbers by real-time and date and alerts administration by audible, visual alarms and email when keys are not returned to the cabinet by a due date or time.

Users can access keys using a unique ID/PIN, access control card/fob or biometric fingerprint readers. Keywatcher communicated through direct connection to a PC a Laptop or LAN via the Key Pro Software supplied with the system. The software enables administrators to grant or deny users with access to some keys or all keys for certain time windows or durations and keeps all key and user transactions in memory to enable audits and reports for any person key or event. Keywatcher is a vital management tool for universities to minimise and/or prevent the mishandling, loss or theft of keys that result in very costly rekeying and replacement. The keywatcher comes in a number of configurations that include systems for 16, 32, 48, 64, 80, and 96 key cabinets that are all expandable up to 1500 keys.No More Lost Masters, No More Expensive Re-Keying

The loss of one master key can easily cost the university $85,000 in re-keying. Make it easy to find the specific key needed and limit the use of masters to authorized individuals with a key control system. Keys for specific areas can be grouped on color-coded KeyRings, and an audit trail will ensure that the last person to take out any keys can be identified. If a master is taken out and lost by an authorized individual, there is accountability as KeyWatcher’s audit trail will reliably identify that person.

Keyless Locker and Cabinet Locks

Key operated lockers, cabinets, drawers etc that are 90% operated by keys are a constant problem in large facilities like universities. Our range of very unique cam, locker and padlocks take away all the dramas and all the recurring costs by firstly eliminating the biggest culprit Keys!

Keys get lost, broken, worn out, stolen and even duplicated. They create not only logistical problems for administrators but create a lot of downtime for opening locks that haven’t got keys, replacing keys and locks and repairs. By replacing key operated locks with code operated locks these problems are immediately resolved. A combination lock that instantly retrofits conventional key operated locks is inexpensive and 100% more efficient. A combination locker or cabinet lock that also has a master override key takes that to 200% and add to that the ability to discover an unknown or forgotten code makes such a lock blessing to lock and key administrators in any facility.

With key only or combination only you will always need to force and or destroy to open the lock then discard and replace the lock which is an ongoing recurring cost. With KSQ keyless locks with key override and code discovery, YOU WILL NEVER BE LOCKED OUT AGAIN AND NEVER NEED TO DAMAGE THE LOCK TO OPEN IT OR DISCARD IT.

Our range includes locks for timber and metal doors, retrofittable cam locks, cam locks with integrated handles and latches, padlocks with combination, override key and code discovery and even electronic locker locks with user combination, manager override combination and a master override key.

Accommodation Solutions

Student accommodation is another area where KSQ provide a number of solutions for after-hours access. When students arrive at accommodation premises the issue of keys or access has always been a problem. Not anymore! KSQ offer automatic key dispensers for 8 up 32 keys that enable students or guests to access their lodgings 24/7. By simply entering their mobile phone or any other 1-10 digit number into the dispenser keypad they get immediate access to their key/s.



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