COVID-19 Measures

This is to inform our customers that KSQ and its suppliers are undertaking all necessary precautions and recommendations proclaimed by federal and state government health authorities to minimise the spread of the coronavirus. To accomplish this, we have restricted access to all visitors to our premises with exception to couriers for our daily deliveries and pickups, which to date are carried out in a sanitised and isolated area from our office and staff.

To further minimise risk of contamination, our staff will be working from home for the foreseeable future to respond to phone calls and emails and to maintain business as usual as best as they can.

We have ceased all site attendance for service or maintenance calls with exception extreme emergencies only where the matter cannot be resolved by phone. In the unlikely event that a KSQ employee is required to attend a customer’s premises they are under strict instructions to be equipped with masks, sanitiser and gloves where required, maintain social distancing and, to regularly wash their hands on a daily basis both before and after site visits.

To contact KSQ staff for sales or service please visit our website for r phone numbers and emails contact details. It goes without saying that these are extremely difficult times with so much uncertainty for us all, especially for businesses. Nevertheless, to survive, we must adjust to the situation at hand in the best possible ways that we can. We are dedicated to clients and products and will do everything we can to maintain the high level of service and support that our customers have always had in the past. In the meantime, we wish you, your families and workmates, a very safe and secure encounter into the future.

The Directors and Staff Keywatch Systems Qld.

Please be advised, effective Monday 30th March, the below measures are being implemented to ensure we play our part in reducing the possible spread of COVID-19 as instructed by the government.

  • Visitors
  • Orders from walk-in customers
  • Couriers and deliveries

Please note deliveries can still be received in the lobby.

All orders from Monday will need to be placed via the following methods: