KSQ is a distributor of Keywatcher electronic key management systems by Morse Watchman which is used in Correctional Facilities all around the world and used extensively by the majority of correctional facilities in Australia for management and control of keys. Keywatcher offers a range of systems for securing 8-keys up to thousands of keys and has unlimited versatility and expandability to accommodate the many and varied configurations that are often very unique to the correctional and detention industries.

Keywatcher includes many standard features such as on-board interfaces for direct communication to PC’s laptops or LAN’s as well as output interfaces for integration with most well known security management systems and protocols. It also has various options that include high-level integration with most known access control systems including proximity cards, smart cards and bio-metrics. The patented Keywatcher SmartTag method used to track keys is also the means of attaching and physically securing keys individually or in bunches. It therefore needs no modifications or associated costs to implement it with new or existing locks and key systems. Furthermore, it negates any need or associated cost for the after sales support from locksmiths that are commonly required with mechanical key management systems. The accountability of keys is, without question, absolutely tantamount to the security and integrity of correctional centres and, one of the highest priorities of their daily operations. Keywatcher records every single user and key transaction from Day 1. It logs keys by time, date, username, key name/number and monitors every minute a key is out of the system, reporting live to the Key Pro III administration software. The live transaction reports mean you know instantly when a key is overdue, where key is and, with whom and, if you happen to be away from the monitoring PC, the alarms and key alerts are repeated at the Keywatcher cabinet LCD and/or sent via the Key Pro software to nominated emails and/or by SMS. Too often, when keys are lost or misplaced they are not reported for hours or sometimes days, but with Keywatcher you know the very minute they become overdue.

With the Keywatcher system there is no guess work and no room for error. The system does exactly what it was designed for with total efficiency and, most important of all, with complete reliability. And the security of keys simply doesn’t stop there. To ensure that keys can’t be compromised when they are out of the Keywatcher we offer a range of tamper-proof and tamper-evident key rings to maintain their integrity 24/7. The range of Morse Watchman Tamper-proof Key Rings are unlike any other secure key ring on the market. They accommodate all sizes of keys/ bunches and feature a unique, replaceable serialised multi-coloured locking hub that when forcibly opened, enables you to remove or add keys and then use the original key ring over and over again. Other types of rings require special tools to crimp them closed and when cut to either add or remove keys, they are then permanently destroyed, adding substantial and recurring replacement costs.

The Keywatcher comes with the very user-friendly but fully comprehensive Windows compatible Key Pro III key management software. It is also offered with optional Australian engineered and developed software, KW Exchange, which was specifically designed to integrate the Keywatcher systems with other Australian security management systems and various hardware.