Digital Electronic Locker & Cabinet Locks


Automatic Key Dispensers for 24/7 Key or Card Access

Key Access for Late check-in Guests - Car Rentals - Commercial Contractor Site Access


Tamper-Proof Key Rings & Security Key Seals

Tamper-Proof - Tamper Evident - Reusable Key Rings - Brass Numbered Key Tags


Electronic Key Cabinets, Key Safes & Locker Systems


Australia’s Electronic Key Management & Security Specialist

Exclusive QLD dealer for the KeyWatcher & KeyBank Key Management Systems

Automatic Key Dispensers

Digital Locker Locks

Combination Locker Locks

Tamper-Proof Key Rings & Security Seals

KeyWatcher Key Management

Electronic Locker Management

Electronic Key Cabinets

Keywatcher Accessories

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Electronic Key Management Systems

With complete control and accountability and full audit trails of user and key activities

Electronic Key Dispensers

For issuing keys for guest and holiday accommodation industry, plant hire, car rentals etc.

Key Control Key Auditing Key

User accountability and Key management

Preventative Key Tamping

With Tamper-Proof and Tamper-Evident Key Ring and Key Seals

Combination & Key Operated Locker Locks, Cabinet Locks, Cupboard Locks & Padlocks

Override key for user code operated locks

Complete range of Secure Key Safe Lock Boxes

For storing spare, share or emergency keys

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