Protect Your Keys With An Electronic Key Safe

Nothing compromises the integrity or security of a business and its assets more, than a lost, stolen or covertly used key. The loss or misuse of keys can result in a cost of thousands of dollars just for changing locks. A far greater cost than the cost for the protection, control and accountability that a KSQ electronic key cabinet provides.

Our KeyWatcher electronic key management systems give you total control of your keys by logging, recording and monitoring every key that is removed and returned at the cabinet, storing every event and user transaction by time and date. Nothing secures your keys like a KeyWatcher electronic key management system. If keys are an important part of your business and daily operation, then you need the peace of mind and security of an electronic key cabinet as a key storage solution.

At Keywatch Systems QLD, we offer an extensive range of electronic key safes and key storage solutions from as small as 16-keys, up to thousands of keys. Our KeyWatcher electronic key management systems are expandable, modular and can be fully integrated with most major third-party security and access control systems.

These KeyWatcher electronic key management systems are used by businesses and government, commercial and industrial facilities all over Australia. Through continuous research and development of only the latest cutting-edge technology you can be assured that our electronic key cabinets will provide only the highest levels of security for keys and valuable assets in any application.

Our electronic key safes and key dispensers not only securely stores your keys but can also secure cards, phones, radios, personal security equipment etc. with total accountability all in one single secure location. User access too is highly secure using unique digital PINs, Access Cards, PIN and Access Card or Biometrics for single double or even triple user access authority for high priority keys and assets.

What our electronic key cabinets can do for you

Every electronic key cabinet that Keywatch Systems QLD can offer is custom designed for our client’s needs. The KeyWatcher key management system is supplied with very comprehensive Key-Pro III key management software for remote communication with the electronic key safe via Ethernet. The KeyWatcher administrator access allows changes to users, keys, reports and audits and even remotely release keys or lockers from their keyboard. You will no longer have to waste any more time manually handing out keys to your employees or contractors and no longer chase around getting your keys back. When a key goes missing or is overdue, the KeyWatcher key management system lets you know instantly.

Invaluable products for our clients:

  • EKMS
  • Igloohome Bluetooth Keyboxes and Digital Locks
  • Automatic Key Dispensers Drop Boxes and Keysafes
  • Electronic key cabinets and Key Lock Boxes for vehicle fleets
  • Tamper-proof Security Key Rings and Seals
  • Late check-in key dispensers and Key Lock Boxes
  • Electronic and Digital Locker and Cabinet Locks

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